”Lady Susan has certainly contrived, in the space of a fortnight, to make my brother like her. In short, I am persuaded that his continuing here beyond the time originally fixed for his return is occasioned as much by a degree of fascination towards her, as by the wish of hunting with Mr. Vernon.”
– Lady Susan

There will be a kissing technique at the larp that will be the baseline rule for kissing. If you negotiate with someone off-game to do something else, that is completely fine.

There will be meta techniques for escalation and deescalation.

If sex between characters should happen, we will use dry humping (theatre sex) as a technique, keeping at least your underwear on.

There will also be an in-game meta technique, where certain words that act as a trigger for certain types of behaviour for the men.

A more detailed version of techniques will be presented to players at a later stage.