”Lady Susan has certainly contrived, in the space of a fortnight, to make my brother like her. In short, I am persuaded that his continuing here beyond the time originally fixed for his return is occasioned as much by a degree of fascination towards her, as by the wish of hunting with Mr. Vernon.”
– Lady Susan

Meta Techniques

Meta techniques are ways to signal information between players without breaking the flow of the immersive experience. They can also be used to simulate actions the characters do, but that the players should not do during the game such as sex. All of these will be workshopped on-site.

Tap out
If you are in a scene and things are escalating in a way you’re not comfortable with, use the tap out technique. This is done through tapping twice on either yourself or on  the other player. This will not break character or play but it will stop the current action. If this happens you will either play yourself out of the situation or de-escalate your current interaction.

Look down
If you want to go through a scene or remove yourself from a situation without anyone playing on it, you can use the look down technique, where you place your hand over your eyes and look down while walking away.

If you need to talk to someone out of game you can say the word off-game. Try to do this discreetly so that other people aren’t brought out of game.

Kissing technique
If your character would like to kiss someone, and you haven’t negotiated something else off-game, you can use a kissing technique where you put your hand in front of your mouth before the kiss, kissing your own fingers.

Escalation – Scratching
If you want to escalate a situation, we would like you to gently scratch the other players wrist, arm, neck or similar or to visibly scratch yourself. That way they know that you wish to escalate. They can still choose not to.

Trigger words
The AI units will have certain trigger words that can be used to steer them in a certain direction. These will be presented during the workshops.

If sex between characters should happen, we will use dry humping (theatre sex) as a technique, keeping at least your underwear on.


Physical safety

You are not allowed to get drunk at this larp. If you do, we will take you out of game and depending on the conditions, either wait for you to sober up or remove you from the larp completely.

We will have a first aid kit in one of the kitchens and there are fire extinguishers in each house. We will also do a show of hands during workshops of the people who can do CPR if needed. If someone seriously injures themselves or falls severely ill we will drive them to the nearest hospital. If you are a citizen of the EU, remember to bring your European healthcare card.

Emotional safety

We expect you to take care of yourself during the larp. Though there is no designated off-game room we have a number of solutions.

If you just need to be alone, try to tell someone and then go, either to your room or for a walk.

If you are lost when it comes to plot or what to do in the game, go to the GM:s. They will either be in the Heroes house, Company house or the Organizer cabin. We will also give you a phone number to the GM phone.

If you need emotional support, you can go to the designated safety person. We will point them out before the larp.